Top 10 Hits of 2008 (Critical acclaim)

February 28th, 2009

Overall Year 2008 was a weak year in terms of critical movies. GB struggled to create this list. Here goes. The top 10 quality movies of 2008.


10. Mithya: Rajat Kapoor’s sensibly crafted movie with an interesting storyline and a brilliant act by Ranvir Shorey won critical acclaim and a good word of mouth.


9. Welcome to Sajjanpur:  Shyam Benegal’s film which through its simple storytelling, good performances and a rustic village feel entertained the audiences as well as gained approvals of the critics  

8. Mumbai Meri Jaan: This Nishikant Kamat’s movie with its hard hitting message  became even more relevant in months that went by. A good delivery with serious thought process behind it


7. Oye Lucky:  Even with a story that has been told before, Dibakar Banerjee managed to gain acclaim for its presentations. The sure shot winner was Abhay Deol with his genuine and breath taking performance


6. Dostana: This film delivered exactly what it promised.”Mindless comedy” with John body as a cherry on top. Its new and experimentative story line was a fresh take. Another credit given to this movie is Karan Johar’s breakup from the letter K


5. Jodha Akhbar: One of the finest movies of the year. It comes at no. 5 just for its length and lackluster screenplay. If Ashutosh had removed the songs and chopped some of the unnecessary scenes , this movie could have challenged Hollywood


4. Dasvidaniya: This simple story with its emotional story left a lasting impression on everyone who watched it. I blame the poor promos for its failure on the box office


3. Jaane tu..ya jaane na: Although the story is typical Bollywood. Its final fifteen minutes of this film are what make it a classic. Imran Khan couldnt have asked for a better debut from his uncle.


2.Rock on: The simple but convincing direction, rocking musical score and great performances by the cast worked in the film’s favour and Rock On got audiences and critics to the theatres for several weeks.


1. A Wednesday: The clear winner of the year was shoe string budget, subtly promoted engrossing thriller. Neeraj Pandey  delivered an impactful relevant movie which makes one stand up and notice.

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